Nano Tile Roofing

Our patented nano tile roof looks like clay but is virtually indestructible, lightweight, and far more affordable. And it’s thermal insulating, so you can save on energy costs!


About Our Nano Tile

Manufactured using nano technology and super-strength silica, our nano tile roof is built to last. The patented lock-down system with hidden screws means our tile roof can withstand hurricane-strength winds, while looking remarkably similar to clay tile.

Quick Installation

7x lighter than clay and designed to make installation a breeze, our nano tile system is easy to put up and provides unmatched protection against extreme weather conditions. So you save money on installation & shipping costs, while getting the protection you need!

Virtually Indestructible

Watch as we drive over, run across, and throw rocks onto our tile roof. Featuring a flexible design and nano technology, it’s virtually indestructible. Plus, it’s colored right through, so you won’t have to worry about scratches. Our nano roof is truly built to last a lifetime!

Why choose us

More benefits of our nano tile roof

But that’s not all. Our tile roofing system comes with more unmatched benefits, making it the best roof for North American homes and commercial properties!

Natural Ventilation

Includes elements to improve ventilation.


Made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Hail Proof

The only roof tile fully resistant to hail.


Less than half the cost of clay tile or concrete tile.

trusted quality


Get the clay tile look for less than half the price.

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